Good written and verbal communication is vital to ensure each child receives the best care and early education at Cottesloe Child Care Centre.

It’s how we share information, establish positive relationships and create tailored experiences for each child who attends our Centre. Plus, it’s a great way to track progress and celebrate each child’s individual experiences.

We use the following tools:

Child Profile

On enrolment, we collect detailed information on family situation, lifestyle, routines, likes and dislikes, special needs, medical history and parent, carer and emergency contacts. Parents and carers are also asked to nominate any hobbies, talents or cultural interests they might have that can be incorporated into our program. The information is used to individually program for each child.

Story Park App

On enrolment each family is invited to the Cottesloe Kindergarten & Child Care Centre Story Park. The App provides and insight into your child’s learning journey here at the Cottesloe Kindergarten & Child Care centre it also provides updates about your child’s day at the centre.

Daily Chart

A succinct way for parents to leave written instructions and information about their child and to receive information from us about each child’s day ( eating, sleeping patterns, toileting etc)

Daily Evaluation

A more detailed insight outlining activities, interests and learning outcomes. It’s also an enjoyable way for children to share their experiences with their parents at the end of the day and conversation or activity starter at home.  


A creative look at each child’s learning that becomes a memento of their experiences to take home at the end of the year, containing profiles, observations, stories, photos and artwork.


Our monthly newsletter informs parents about Centre events, our education program, Parent Management Committee news, policies, procedures and staff matters.  


The best way of informing us about absences, applications for holiday discounts and cancellations.

Other correspondence we use:

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