Our Food

Using only the freshest and best local produce we serve delicious home style meals created in our kitchen.

Our balanced menu provides a wide range of suitable foods from the five food groups with ‘whole’, fresh and homemade foods favoured.

It also features some modified cultural dishes to suit children’s tastebuds, and fish and vegetarian dishes to add variety. Our weekly menu is displayed by the sign in desk and parent food ideas and menus suggestions are always welcome.

Our cook Trudy works in the kitchen from 8.30am – 1pm daily. Please introduce yourself to her when visiting the centre to discuss your child’s dietary needs. Parent food ideas are always welcome.

Meal times

Meal times are treated as social occasions that support positive, healthy attitudes to the enjoyment of food.

We offer children half their recommended daily intake of food during the childcare day and note each child’s eating patterns on the daily chart.

  • 10am Morning Tea (milk served)
  • 11.45am Lunch (water served)
  • 2.45pm Afternoon Tea (milk served)

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