Daily rate for children 1 – 2 years $150.50
Daily rate for children 2 – 6 years $146.20
Booking fee (annual fee) $25

A $100 booking fee is applicable for new enrolments. $25 is retained as a bookkeeping and association fee, and the remainder will be deducted the first account. Fees are payable for all booked times irrespective of attendance, excluding public holidays. No fees are payable for public holidays

Discounts: A 10% discount for a second child in care applies. Where the children have different fees, the 10% will be taken from the child with the lower fee.

Payment: Statements for fees are issued monthly in advance. A four weekly statement showing past usage of the centre will also be issued. We ask that parents pay monthly in advance and weekly payments are welcome via cheque, internet banking or at the Commonwealth Bank, alternately the centre can offer a direct debit facility. In the interest of centre security, we do not accept cash. Parents with financial difficulties will be advised to make arrangements with the director to pay off their debt. A $50 administration fee will be applied on a weekly basis to the balance owing.

Child Care Subsidy –  Centre Provider No 555 002 122X

Some parents using child care will be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy. Child Care Subsidy is paid to the centre and effectively reduces the amount you need to pay weekly. Some parents may receive more funding than others according to their combined  income and working status. You can apply for CCS through Centrelink.

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