Within an emergent curriculum such as Cottesloe Kindergarten & Child Care Centre’s, our role as educators is to provide opportunity and freedom for children to play and discover.

Educators offer a supportive and responsive presence promoting appropriate play and learning.

We respect each child’s individual capacity for learning and ability to self-direct. We observe what engages each child and provide responses to help develop their ideas, add to their thoughts or deepen their understanding.  

We see learning as a shared, collaborative process that is shaped by the people and things particular to each child to include themselves, their parents, peers, educators and the community they live in.

Learning Environment

The learning environment we offer encourages discovery, problem-solving, creativity, making, doing, communication, relationships, and self-awareness.  

Different spaces are made available for children to engage with according to their own interests or to join in with their peers. Pursuits such as art, books, block building, role play, sensory activities, movement, manipulations or just quiet time are available.

We offer play suggestions through the arrangement of materials, props or other stimuli which are kept open-ended.  

Intentional Teaching

While we may plan with a focus on a particular outcome we see children’s interests as integrated and interconnected. By blending these approaches, daily activities and routines are responsive to each child’s strengths, interests, and needs and are fresh, interesting and fun.

Our intentional teaching actively promotes children’s learning through planning and providing worthwhile and challenging experiences where the children’s learning can be monitored and documented.

The children are provided with experiences which develop their understanding of the principles of literacy and numeracy. Setting them up for success during their schooling and giving them the tools to confidently engage with their peers and teachers.

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